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SENECA CAPITAL GROUP and its managing partner BrookDale Consulting, LLC have contracted with AMERICAN HEMP VENTURES INC. (symbol: AMHV) to build 15 grow houses to grow, harvest, develop and market hemp products.

American Hemp Ventures Inc. AMHV have spent many months genetically crossing a number of cultivars and plants to create a totally genetically unique line of plants. There are four specific facets of their plants, genetics and seeds that set this offering apart from most other offerings in the hemp space.

First is AMHV’s germination rate.  This is the percentage rate at which their seeds will actually sprout into plants : Their seeds germinate at a rate of 95%.  This is 3rd party tested and verified by a local university.  Industry average rates are typically 85-88% germination. 

Second competitive difference is the concentration of CBD that our plants produce.  AMHV’s plants produce over 18% CBD concentration and less than .26% THC.  This high concentration of CBD produces a much higher yield of overall CBD volume when processed which is where the value of the crop primary lies.

Third, the sheer size and volume of AMHV’s plants is very large.  Each plant grows to 5’ - 7’ tall and 4.5’ feet across.  This translates to a very high volume of total biomass.  On average, their plants will yield between 1.5 lbs. and 3.5 lbs. of biomass.  This is much higher than industry averages.

Finally, and most valuably, AMHV have a patent pending process that allows them to “feminize” their plants to achieve a 99% feminization rate compared to “standard” seed.  In general, hemp seeds have a gender split of about 50/50 make to female.  Male plants will pollinate female plants and reduce the overall amount of flower production (biomass).  By utilizing our 99% feminized seed, they will be able to effectively increase the yield per acre by nearly 100% over standardized seed.